She’ll Have the Punch

How to lose a (insert here: project, job, contract, love, etc.) in 10 days? It’s simple. Exist. The universe in its omnipresence decides for you that change is inevitable.

When change does happen it’s best to be prepared for the future. And I, my dear Linkees, was too distracted by the past and present.

Recently, I had the luck of receiving a one-hour  reminder alert about a networking event I registered for a month before. My choices were to a) watch Notting Hill for the fifth time in a week OR b) shower, plaster on a few coats of make up, and explore the storage closet for my pant suit.  

The event was a women in tech workshop. And, although I noticed my pant suit didn’t exactly blend in with the rest of the casual attire, I decided to discard the tail-between-legs shame and stay put. I stood in line like all the rest to network and chill.

And then the fun began. 

Not long after registration, we were introduced to an up and coming author who had 15 minutes to convince us all to Punch Doubt in the Face (her new book). 

Nicolle Merrill is a former non-traditional career changer who specializes in emerging careers and professional reinvention. And the cool thing about her journey is NOT only WHERE she’s hung her hat in the workforce, it’s WHAT she got out of it. Her book debut (I downloaded immediately post event) serves as a guide for all who decide to brave the future of work by changing their career mindset to beat the robots via AI.

Her emphasis is this: the traditional career mindset is outdated and, in the new world of work, change is the new constant because of new technology, new business models, and new jobs.

If we choose to accept this mission to stay relevant and reinvent our professional selves, then we CAN clobber the hell out of HAL 9000.

The focus is leaving the comfort of believing you ARE your work title. “You are SO MUCH MORE than your resume!” – says Nicolle. Learn how to bedazzle your past and present experiences with power skills — the abilities that allow you to move seamlessly through the new world of work.

And since no amount of eating, praying or loving has yet to prove how to get my s** together, I decided to stick around and try upskilling instead. I am applying her 2 x 2 method to commit to mastering two skills every two years. You pick one skill you already have and make it better, and one power skill that you’re not good at and “get better at it!.”  

I’ve made my choice. HAL will not prevail! I am taking my writing skills to the next level with UX writing and conversational design. I am learning to use Python for data science and exploring cloud computing and management.

I am having the punch with an upskill chaser.